Shorten Your Sales Cycle with iCustoms Denied Party Screening Solution

What is Denied Party Screening?

A denied party screening is the process by which a business verifies a potential client or business associate by cross-referencing them with several restricted party lists. This makes it easier to ensure the company isn’t doing business with someone who is a restricted party.

Companies should conduct a denied party screening search on every export transaction to ensure compliance with export regulations.

At iCustoms, before working with a new customer or business partner, we ensure they’re not on any restricted party lists. These lists include people or entities we cannot do business with. It’s an essential step in every export transaction to ensure we follow all the rules and regulations. This helps us stay compliant and do business with the right partners.

It is crucial to note that the existing commodity codes will remain in effect until 2023. Only make modifications when there are no more customs declarations required for this year, which should be toward the end of the year.

Who Should be Screened?

All entities that you do business with throughout an international transaction should be screened—including, but not limited to, vendors, suppliers, resellers, customers, end users, service providers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, recipients of software and technical data, and banks and financial institutions.

When Should You Screen?

Screening is an ongoing process and should be carried out multiple times before shipping orders or exchanging money. However, denied party lists are changing almost constantly, and an entity that may not have been on one before may well be on it the next time an organisation deals with them.

It is, therefore, highly advisable to screen all entities an organisation engages with every time it deals with them. A denied-party screening tool with automated rescreening functionality, such as the iCustoms solution, can help minimise the friction and resources involved.

Penalties for Noncompliance

Failing to follow export regulations can have serious consequences. It might not only affect your current deal but could also impact your future transactions. The consequences can include hefty fines and delays. Staying compliant is not just good practice; it’s crucial for the long-term success of your business.

Why use iCustoms Denied Party Screening Solution

  • Exporters can manually check all 140+ lists for every expert transaction or use software to simplify the denied party screening process.
  • Trusted by hundreds of organisations worldwide, it is affordable and easy to set up. As it’s automated within the CRM, iCustoms can keep your sales cycle short. iCustoms offers an up-to-date global database of hundreds of watch lists and a full range of due diligence capabilities.
  • Our Screening system automatically rescreens existing accounts and contacts daily, ensuring we stay up-to-date with the regularly updated sanctions lists. If a shipment triggers a flag, the results are promptly sent to our customer service department.

This is how choosing iCustoms can be beneficial for you:

Enhanced Compliance: Using advanced automated technology to screen every shipment, iCustoms generates accurate, easy-to-interpret results with due diligence.

Greater Efficiency: Automating denied party screening increases the number of orders screened daily to boost global growth.

Seamless Integration Salesforce: The iCustoms solution is seamlessly plugged into the integrated CRM platform to fit the company’s existing workflows quickly.

Cost Reductions: By implementing an automated screening solution, we can save you significant compliance-related costs.

Opting for an automated screening solution isn’t just about efficiency – it’s a smart move for your budget. It helps save you substantial costs related to compliance. By streamlining the screening process, we ensure your business stays on the right side of regulations without breaking the bank.

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