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Landed Cost Calculator

Get the accurate results of tax calculation for import duty estimation using tariff and product description by using our landed cost calculator.

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UK Integrated Online Tariff

Best match Products Name or products description , you can select any of them to check and calculate duty rate, VAT rate and total landed cost.

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Import Customs Duty Calculator

Automate the calculation of duties, taxes, and other charges to save time, streamline workflows, and avoid paying extra costs.

Avoid unexpected costs and minimise goods return rate

Calculate the full landed cost of your shipment, including all customs duties UK, taxes, and fees, to eliminate surprises upon delivery.

With the help of our AI-based calculator, you can improve cost transparency and decrease goods returns rate while enhancing your customers’ experience.

Stay Compliant with Global Duty & Tax Rates

The tool contains all of the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding taxes, customs and import rules, including recent regulation changes.

It gives you complete visibility of VAT and duty rates even before your shipment arrives at the destination and protects importers from any potential risks and financial exposures.

Here’s how it works?

iCustoms import duty calculator accurately determines the relevant VAT and customs duty based on the product classification rules and processes the documentation necessary to efficiently clear a shipment and send it to its destination.
Evaluate Commodity Code
Find taxes, VAT, and customs charge
Return total amount

Here’s how it works?

iCustoms import duty calculator accurately determines the relevant VAT and customs duty based on the product classification rules and processes the documentation necessary to efficiently clear a shipment and send it to its destination.

Benefits of using Landed Cost Calculator

Hassle free & easy to use

Calculate the customs fees you must pay on importing good into the UK

User-friendly interface

The easy-to-navigate interface makes it convinent to use this tool and calculate the landed costs

Achieve customs compliance

Comply with international trade laws and tax rates

Clear your imports quickly

Quick and fast way to move your items across the borders and avoid delays

20M+ products database

Comprehensive database that covers duty and tax rates of many countries

Improve customer experience

Build customers trust and minimise workload and increase productivity

iCalculate - A smart way to calculate global duties and taxes

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Frequently Asked Questions​

What is a duty and import VAT calculator?

A duty and import VAT calculator is a tool that helps you calculate the relevant VAT (Value Added Tax) and customs duty for your imported goods. It takes into account the product classification rules and provides an accurate estimation of the costs involved in clearing your shipment.

How does iCustoms duty tax calculator work?

iCalculator uses advanced algorithms and up-to-date information on tax rates and import regulations to determine the VAT and customs duty applicable to your goods. It takes into consideration factors such as the product category, origin, and destination to provide an accurate cost assessment.

Why should I use a duty and tax calculator?

It helps you gain cost transparency by providing an estimation of the landed cost of your shipment, allowing you to plan your budget effectively. Additionally, it helps minimise the risk of unexpected charges and ensures compliance with import regulations.

Who can use our calculator?

Any individual or business involved in customs clearance and importing goods can use a duty and import VAT calculator.

Do smart customs calculator categorise products?

A smart VAT and customs duty calculator is designed to handle various product categories. It considers each category's specific classification rules and rates to provide accurate calculations.

How iCalculator is different from other online calculator?

Advanced AI-powered technology ensures highly accurate calculations, considering multiple factors for precise results.

  1. Comprehensive cost estimations cover VAT, customs duties, freight charges, taxes, and fees, providing a holistic view of landed costs.
  2. Real-time data updates, compliance with global trade rules, integration, and expert support.

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