Complete solution to handle
export declarations & customs procedures

Seamless export filling – electronic submission to customs authorities

Complete solution to handle
export declarations & procedures

Seamless export filling – electronic submission to customs authorities
Automate your export filling by country

Manage all procedures
from a single platform

Our advanced machine-learning tool allows you to classify up to 100% faster and easier than searching manually through the codes and regulations

Automatically generates all supporting paperwork, documentation, and electronic reporting

The software eliminates human and data entry errors and reduces potential delays, unnecessary costs, penalties and risks
The platform accurately combines multiple steps required for compliance into one seamless workflow, even with fewer resources
Manage all export declarations from a single platform
One solution

One solution to handle
multi-country exports

iCustoms manages the complete process of export customs clearance and ensure smooth declaration of your goods
The AI-driven technology automatically handle all the declarations required for a shipment at once – from export filling to the submission
To enable cross-border trade. It simultaneously files an export declaration in the country of departure and an import declaration in the country of destination using a single platform
You do not need to spend additional resources, acquire technical knowledge, keep up with ongoing upgrades or hire a third party to manage your filings because of the streamlined user experience – you can do it all directly from a single interface

Right documents at right place

The iCustoms export management software makes sure that all of the paperwork needed to complete a shipment is correctly prepared and submitted to the relevant authority at the right time and in the appropriate format
Eliminate manual work and completely automate your export procedures
Reduces customs filling time from hours to minutes and supports multiple declaration types in various countries for import and export

Enhance reporting through advanced system for data scanning
and verification of export documents based on item level data

Right export document at right place

Looking for software to automate your export declarations and customs clearance process?

How the export declaration platform works?

Fast onboarding

Sign in or register your account and setup the required settings.

File your export declarations

The smart technology interactively helps you with your filling experience. Follow the step-by-step guidance throughout the declarations procedure.

Validate documents before submission

Review your filling before submission, comply by customs laws and amend the required documentation. Thereby reducing costs and associated errors

Reports & insights

With the help of real-time, user-friendly reports and interactive dashboards, the platform enables you to review and evaluate your declarations data and gain meaningful insights.

How our customs management platform works?

Be in control of your customs clearance operations

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