File Import & Export Declaration in 90 Seconds

iZap provides immediate access to your customers to file & submit customs declarations with HMRC, and get documents cleared within seconds.

Import & Export Declaration in 90 seconds

File Import & Export Declaration in 90 Seconds

Import & Export Declaration in 90 seconds

iZap provides immediate access to your customers to file & submit customs declarations with HMRC, and get documents cleared within seconds.



Why choose iCustoms?

Five-Star Customer Support

Receive exceptional customer support tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Effortless Document Processing

Simplify your customs declaration process with iCustoms, offering incredibly fast document processing without the complexity.

Saves 70% Time & Cost

Discover how iCustoms advanced AI features not only optimise processes but also save you valuable time and resources.

Simple AI Usage

Start capturing unstructured data effortlessly to meet your unique requirements. Train AI models with as few as 50 documents – it's that simple!

Own the Experience

White-label iZap. Easy integration with your existing platform, enhancing control and 70% faster operation to streamline the customs process.

Easy System Integration

Easily connect our AI-powered system with your operations using our user-friendly APIs, making the process efficient and straightforward.

Customs Declaration with
Self-Service Solution

Real-time data helps customers to file forms, submit declarations, and identify the next steps within seconds.

The portal lets traders update their goods information. It offers a convenient way to file declaration easily and have a clear view of the status.

Transform traditional files into a machine-readable format and complete documentation quickly for a smooth clearance.


The Fastest Customs Declaration Software

Streamline customs processes with 70% more accelerated customs clearance.


Enhanced Client Service for
Customs Agents

The portal lets your clients update their goods information. It offers a convenient way for them to file declaration and have a clear view of the status.

Get notified when a client views, files, submits, or makes changes. There’s no need to worry about the status of declarations.

Free yourself from requests to send copies of documents, invoices, and declaration details. You can have access to all of them in the portal.

iZap Customer's Journey

File your declarations

  • The customers will request the service
  • This service will allow importers and exporters to declare their goods for import, export or transit procedures.

Submit your form through self service portal

  • Submit Customs Declaration​ by using the portal.
  • The customer will upload any additional documents (if required)
  • The customer will pay service fees

Get insights, alerts and notifications

  • The customer can track the service status via website or dashboard.
  • The customer will receive an email notification in case of declaration approval, suspension or rejection.
  • The customer will receive an email notification in case of missing or request on additional information.

Benefits of iZap

Hassle free & easy to use

iZap helps you easily submit import and export declarations online with the help of quick tips.

Intuitive interface

The easy-to-navigate interface makes it convenient to calculate the landed costs 70% faster.

Avoid delays

Visibility into your declaration status allows you to action requests quickly to keep goods moving.

Declare your goods directly to HMRC in as little as 90 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions​

What is iZap?

iZap is a revolutionary solution designed to empower importers and exporters by giving them complete control over their customs declaration process. It simplifies the traditionally complex task of filing customs declarations, making it accessible and efficient for both experts and those who are not well-versed in customs rules.

Who can benefit from using iZap?

iZap is beneficial for importers, exporters, customs agents, brokers, and anyone involved in the customs declaration process.

How does the self-service portal work?

The self-service portal allows users to declare their goods quickly and easily by guiding them through the necessary steps. iZap offers assistance to users, ensuring compliance with customs rules and regulations.

What happens if the customs regulations change?

The customs software is updated with the latest regulations as soon as the customs authorities issue them. The customs software is automatically updated to reflect the change. No further action is required on users' part.

Who needs to use iZap?

Our self-service portal is designed for a wide range of users involved in international trade, including importers exporters, customs brokers, freight forwarders and customs authorities.

Does iZap offer a white-label solution?

Yes! We understand the importance of maintaining your brand identity. iZap comes with a fully customizable white-label option, allowing you to embed our powerful customs declaration features seamlessly into your existing platform and services. This means your customers enjoy a familiar experience, strengthening trust and loyalty while benefiting from iZap's speed and efficiency. You gain increased control over branding and user experience, giving you the power to tailor the customs process to your specific needs.

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