All-in-one solution for import
declarations & customs management

Seamless import filling & electronic submission to custom authorities

All-in-one solution for customs management & import declarations

Seamless import filling & electronic submission to custom authorities
Automate your import declaration by country
handle all imports customs procedures

One solution to handle all imports customs procedures

iCustoms helps importers to manage the complexity of the customs
processes efficiently

The customs management solution integrates directly with your local customs authorities.
The AI-based, self-learning solution provides step-wise assistance throughout the customs filing process and guides you interactively.
Automating the overall workflow saves you time and additional costs. Always up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes.

Document scan and data capture
Automate your data entry process

The advanced solution captures real-time data and then directly routes the valuable information to your customs documents. After validation, your import/export declarations are automatically transmitted to the customs authorities. It minimise the manual work and boost your productivity.

Product classification
Ensure each item is classified accurately

The global HTS Codes Lookup solution enables you to determine the right Customs Duty and Import VAT. With the AI-powered product classification tool, traders can achieve compliance and enhance the accuracy of commodity code determination while reducing time and costs.

Import VAT and tax calculation
Know the exact value of your goods

iCustoms ensures you know the exact value of your goods so you can avoid shipment delays. Whether they are customs duties or VAT, we make it easy for you to map all charges accurately and quickly. Our calculator, with machine-learning capabilities, automatically determines the tax value for the country of its destination.

Complete your import declaration quickly

Our all-in-one customs and trade management solution allows companies to streamline their shipping process easily. We connect you with 200+ eCommerce, Carriers, Customs, and ERPs through one API integration giving you new, innovative shipping services across international borders.

Ready to automate your import declarations and customs processes?


Streamline your Import declarations and customs clearance procedures

Key Features

Centralised solution

File and transmit your export declarations for one or several countries at the same time.

Fully automated

Minimise manual handling and automate your multi-step declarations. Validates information before submission.

Direct communication

Liaise with customs officials electronically from all your locations worldwide via intuitive dashboard.

Customs process tracking

Automate and track your customs clearance process, giving you complete control over your import declarations.


Seamlessly connects you with multiple platforms (Customs, eCommerce, Couriers, and ERPs).


Export declaration support for businesses of all sizes. Suitable for both seasoned and novice exporters.

Avoid customs clearance failures with iCustoms

Get your imports declared in compliance with all trade regulations

📢 Join HMRC, iCustoms & Institute of Export to discuss Developments in UK customs IT and AI.

Join HMRC, iCustoms & Institute of Export to discuss Developments in UK customs IT and AI.