Automated Tariff Classification

AI-based Product Classification
Tool for Global Trade

iCustoms helps businesses classify goods precisely so they can pay the right Customs Duty and the Import VAT. With the automated and AI-based product classification tool, companies can improve the accuracy of Commodity Code determination and minimise time spent in sorting goods.
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Automated HS Codes Classification

AI-based Product Classification
Tool for Global Trade

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Advanced Product Classification Solution

Automated & AI-driven product classification solution

Classify goods with the power of AI

Streamline your product classification process with iCustoms, powered by advanced artificial intelligence. Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming cpc code finder, and let our AI engine do this for you!

Product Classification
Global HS and HTS Codes

Global HS and HTS Codes Lookup

You have three options for harmonised code lookup, a partial commodity code, words or phrases that define your product, or the complete tree of commodity codes, which allows you to drill down to the correct numbers.

Mass Upload For Smart Product Classification

Businesses may upload and process their files in real-time at a low cost, ensuring that products always have accurate classification data and can cross borders without delay.

Smart Product Classification

Identify your product quickly and accurately

Smart product classification tool

iCustoms Product Classification Workflow

Product Classification Workflow

Why iCustoms

Smarter and quicker way of doing HS classification

Enhance your intelligence and expertise to automate and streamline the process

Fully automated

Generate multiple auto-suggestions and show commodity code details with additional helpful information, applying the appropriate suggestion to your selection.

Verification check

Electronically verifies the accuracy of all the data elements in your declarations paperwork and customs entry before submission.

Improve accuracy

The advanced global tariff code lookup, HS, and HTS code search help importers and exporters make better classification decisions and optimise overall duty spending.

Ready to take your HS Classification to the next level?

iCustoms Global Classification Tool is the strategic advantage that you need to compete confidently in an evolving trade environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classifying goods with HS or HTS codes is essential for international trade, customs clearance, and compliance. It determines applicable duties, taxes, and regulatory requirements for accurate documentation and smooth cross-border transactions.

The difference between HS and HTS codes lies in the number of digits within the code. HS codes have six digits and are the universal standard for product classification, while HTS codes, ranging from 7-10 digits, are specific to the importing country and are known as Harmonised Tariff System.

You can classify a single item, upload CSV/XLS or via APIs. Our AI engine search for the most appropriate HS codes upon selecting the country of import. The product description and codes can be auto-selected, or use our managed service.

Yes, HS codes are required for landed cost calculation. They are essential for calculating the costs associated with importing or exporting a particular product across international borders.

These are crucial in obtaining correct tariff code by providing details about the product’s characteristics, composition, and intended use. These descriptions help customs officials and traders classify goods according to the Harmonised System (HS) and ensure the correct application of tariffs, regulations, and trade statistics.

Shipping departments, eCommerce sellers, marketplaces, and international trade businesses needing quick HS classifications.

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