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Automated Customs Declaration
Software CDS for UK Exports

iCustoms’ platform is designed to handle imports declarations efficiently while keeping you customs compliant. The easy solution helps businesses cut through the complexity of the clearance process, avoid unnecessary delays and disruptions at the border.

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Submit export declarations to HRMC

Send your declarations directly to the new Customs Declaration System (CDS) of HRMC or the CHIEF

Transit declaration

Submit declared for the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) and move your goods easily between EU and UK.

Smart automation for trade documents

Streamline your trading process with intelligent document processing – efficiency at your fingertips!

Processing timeline & progress reporting

Monitor and track the status of your export declaration journey via an intuitive dashboard.

Manage all export declarations from a single platform

Our advanced machine-learning tool allows you to classify up to 100% faster and easier than searching manual through the codes and regulations.

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Generate your export declarations 5X faster than traditional method

Creating export documents means entering your trade information over and over again. With iCustoms electronic form filing, you’ll save a lot of time.

  • Generate supporting documents in minutes

    Enter the required information at once and it automatically formats improving the accuracy of your paperwork by reducing typos and mistakes that slow down the shipment process.

  • Reduce manual work by 85%

    The software eliminate human and data entry errors and reduce potential delays, unnecessary costs, penalties, and risks.

  • 99% Accuracy & Transparency

    It accurately combines multiple steps in compliance requirements process into one seamless workflow enen with fewer resources.

Ready to automate your export declarations and customs processes?

Here’s how it works?

Direct connectivity to the UK customs – gives you the confidence and efficiency.

Capture data from your trade documents within seconds and route the information to your declaration forms.

iRule’s engine validates and verify the input data against thousand of customs rules and explain in simple English.

The software helps you quickly validate the accuracy of all data before submitting a declaration.

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Benefits of using iCustoms export declaration software

Be in control of your customs clearance operations with iCDS

FAQs About Exports Declaration Software

CDS stands for Customs Declaration Service, a digital system used for handling export declarations in the UK.

CDS was introduced in the UK in August 2020 to replace the previous system, CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight). Learn more

Any individual or business involved in exporting goods from the UK can use CDS to submit their export declarations.

Yes, as of its introduction, CDS is the mandatory system for all UK exporters to submit their export declarations.

iCDS is an intelligent customs declaration software designed by iCustoms. It automates the whole customs declaration process to eliminate manual work and save money and time.

Exporters need to provide details about the goods, their value, destination, the customs procedure, and any relevant licenses or permits.