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Automated Customs Declaration
Software CDS for UK Imports

iCustoms’ platform is designed by global trade and logistics experts to automate imports declarations while keeping you customs compliant. The CDS import solution helps businesses cut costs and time by 50%, avoid unnecessary delays and disruptions at the border.

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CDS Import

One system to handle all imports customs declarations

iCustoms helps importers to automate customs processes efficiently.

File your declarations to HMRC with a few clicks

File and submit your import declarations by using iCDS – HMRC approved customs software

Compatible with
CSP System

Integrated with CNS Air

Courier, Maritime Cargo

Processing, Cargo Community System UK, Descartes & DHL

Save time and cost
by 50%

Avoid the repetitive work and ensure the smart movement of commodities across the UK borders

Quick categorisation
of products

Smart commodity code lookup helps you identify and

categorise products by using product descriptions.

Smart automation for
trade documents

Streamline your trading process with intelligent document

processing – efficiency at your fingertips!

Processing timeline and progress reporting

Monitor and track the status of your import declaration

 journey via an intuitive dashboard.

Looking for a software to automate your import declarations processes?

Use iCDS - it has 99% submission accuracy!

Document Scan and Capture
Automate your data entry process for CDS

The advanced solution captures real-time data and then directly routes the valuable information to your customs documents. After validation, your import/export declarations are automatically transmitted to the customs authorities. It minimise the manual work and boost your productivity.

Product Classification
Ensure each item is classified accurately

The global HTS Codes Lookup solution enables you to determine the right Customs Duty and Import VAT. With the AI-powered product classification tool, traders can achieve compliance and enhance the accuracy of commodity code determination while reducing time and costs. 

Import VAT & Tax Calculation
Know the exact value of your landed goods

iCalculator ensures you know the exact value of your goods so you can avoid shipment delays. Whether they are customs duties or VAT, we make it easy for you to map all charges accurately and quickly. Our calculator, with machine-learning capabilities, automatically determines the tax value for the country of its destination.

Supports New Computerised Transit System
Electronic submission of transit declarations

An all-in-one solution that enables electronic transit declaration submissions along with the required customs guarantee from new computerized transit system (NCTS) countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is required for the movement of goods under customs control between different customs offices in these regions.

How the CDS import declaration software works?

iCustoms platform integrates directly with the HMRC CDS System and allocates the corresponding HS code, ensuring the accurate display of the full landed cost of the product. The platform then generates the customs declarations and the required documents. On successful completion, it automatically transmits them to customs.

  • Fast onboarding

    Sign in or register your account and setup the required settings.

  • File your import declarations

    The smart technology interactively helps you with your filing experience. Follow the step-by-step guidance throughout the declaration procedure.

  • Validate documents before submission

    The software recheck your filing before submission, comply by customs laws, and amend the required documentation reducing costs and associated errors.

  • Reports & insights

    With the help of real-time, user-friendly and interactive dashboards, the platform enables you to review and evaluate your import declarations data and gain meaningful insights.

Fully automated

Automate your import declarations up to 85%. and reduce manual handling. AI-based solution adapts the level of automation to your requirement

Verification check

Electronically verifies the accuracy of all the data elements in your declarations paperwork and customs entry before submission


Our solution helps traders to achieve compliance more efficiently with auto-classification, enabling traders to derive more benefits and save unnecessary costs

Quick & Fast

Faster, quicker, and more reliable HTS Code lookup with import and export compliance. You can resume your leftover tasks easily

Avoid customs clearance failures with iCustoms

Get your imports declared in 3 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDS?

Customs declaration service (CDS) is an electronic system for submittng the declarations to the HMRC. CDS softwares use AI for managing the trading activities on a single forum.

What items are exempt from import duty UK?

The goods that doesn't include in the UK CDS are:

  • Personal gift items
  • Wedding gifts
  • Drugs (apart from those used in medicines)

Do I need software to access CDS?

In recent times, HMRC has given permit to using import CDS softwares that are verified with HMRC. These softwares prove to be beneficial in multiple import declarations in minimum time and with smart automation methods.

Do all importers need to register for CDS?

Certainly, all importers must register to UK customs declarations. You have to register to CDS from HMRC Government gateway to get VAT, duty adjustments and further get postponed import VAT statements.

What goods need an import licence?

For UK CDS customs importing there are several goods that require special permits such as:

  • Animals and animal products
  • Human and veterniary medicines
  • Chemicals and drugs Human or animal organs

What does a UK importer of record need?

To be an importer of record in UK, a person needs these things:

  • EORI number
  • Business registration
  • VAT registration
  • Importers liability
  • Licenses and permit

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