Intelligent Document Processing (iDP)

Simplify International Trade
Compliance With Document

Enhance data extraction quality from various document types within seconds with tailor-made AI models to save you time.


Simplify International Trade
Compliance With Document


Enhance data extraction quality from various document types within seconds with tailor-made AI models to save you time.


Why choose iCustoms?

Five-Star Customer Support

Receive exceptional customer support tailored to your needs, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Effortless Document Processing

Simplify your customs declaration process with iCustoms, offering incredibly fast document processing without the complexity.

Saves Time & Cost

Discover how iCustoms advanced AI features not only optimise processes but also save you valuable time and resources.

Simple AI Usage

Start capturing unstructured data effortlessly to meet your unique requirements. Train AI models with as few as 50 documents – it's that simple!

All-in-One Platform

Say goodbye to managing multiple software solutions. seamlessly integrates your Customs Declaration Process for a unified experience.

Easy System Integration

Easily connect our AI-powered system with your operations using our user-friendly APIs, making the process efficient and straightforward.

Drive Forward Document Automation
with Generative AI

Elevate your customs declarations with Large Language Models (LLMs) integrated into our Intelligent Document Processing solution. LLMs configuration with iCustoms brings unprecedented accuracy to data extraction, validation, and compliance checks. iDP transforms your Customs Declaration Process into a powerhouse of precision, efficiency, and reliability. iCustoms has redefined the standards of human-in-the-loop verification, ensuring data accuracy like never before.

Experience the precision, efficiency, & unwavering reliability

Capture data within seconds

Automates data entry from commercial invoices, trade receipts, and bills of lading, reducing manual work by up to 70%.

  • Flash-fast extraction: Go from document to data in under 10 seconds – no tedious waiting.
  • Zero manual entry: Ditch the keyboard! AI auto-populates forms, saving 70% of your time.
  • Instant insights: Dive into data-driven reports immediately, make smarter decisions faster.

Intelligent automation

Eliminates bottlenecks caused by manual handling, streamlines data validation, ensures compliance, and scales seamlessly for agencies of all sizes.

  • Unblock bottlenecks: AI tackles manual work, freeing your team for bigger targets.
  • Validate in a flash: AI double-checks data instantly, ensuring compliance every time.
  • Scale to infinity: Grow, don’t sweat it! Our AI adapts to your business’s unique needs.

Get your data structured

Capture & label unstructured data for your specific needs. pre-trained AI models, & only 50 documents or fewer are required for newly trained APIs.

  • Chaos to clarity: Structure the unstructured data, label it your way, AI learns fast.
  • 50 docs to power: Train custom AI models with just a handful of documents – no data deluge.
  • Unleash insights: Structured data, endless possibilities – unlock hidden trends and make informed decisions.

Benefits of using iDP (Intelligent
Document Processing)

Import your trade documents in any format PDF, PNG, JPEG etc

Find and label unstructured text from diverse documents

Minimise errors associated with manual document handling

Ensure 99% accuracy with customised iRules Engine

Regulatory compliance check to adhere to trade laws

Natural language processing to identify context & semantics within documents

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Eliminate manual sorting, & speed up customs declaration


Streamline Your
Customs Operations


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