From Finalist to Champion: iCustoms Wins Multimodal 2024 "Customs Technology Partner of the Year" Award!

We’re excited to disclose that iCustoms has not only been shortlisted but also chosen as the winner of the admired “Customs Technology Partner of the Year” award at the Multimodal 2024 Awards! This acknowledgement is a great honour and proof of our constant dedication to using AI to transform customs technology.

The Importance of Winning the Multimodal Award

Taking home the Multimodal 2024 “Customs Technology Partner of the Year” trophy is more than merely being acknowledged by the industry. This is why it is so valuable:

  • Verification of Innovation: The Multimodal Awards are known for their stringent selection criteria. Winning shows that, in comparison to other industry leaders, our AI-powered solutions are genuinely novel and significant.
  • Real-World Impact Recognised: The award criteria emphasise tangible results. Our success demonstrates how our solutions save organisations time and resources while improving trade compliance.
  • A Mark of Industry Leadership: Being the winner establishes iCustoms as a pioneer in the field of customs technology. This enhances our standing and cultivates confidence among potential clients.

The Road to Victory: A Rigorous Selection Procedure

There were several steps in the procedure to earn the Multimodal Award:

  • Nomination & Application: We filed a thorough application that highlighted our long-term goals, our AI solutions, and their effects on clients.
  • Industry-Wide Voting & Shortlisting: After a thorough assessment procedure, industry professionals gave our application a positive vote, and we were chosen as finalists.
  • Final Judging & Evaluation: A group of renowned judges from the trade and logistics industries participated in this round. They assessed our services, business culture, and overall impact on the sector.

Celebrating the Victory: iCustoms Wins Big at Multimodal 2024!

We’re excited to share a little bit of our team’s joy at winning the prestigious Multimodal 2024 Awards “Customs Technology Partner of the Year“! This picture shows the moment when the industry acknowledged our commitment to innovation and client success.

award receiving ceremony

A Catalyst for Ongoing Progress

This honour serves as a launchpad for future success rather than an end line. At iCustoms, our goal is to provide businesses with the most effective and simple trade compliance solutions possible. Our unwavering dedication to continuous improvement is demonstrated by the way we consistently utilise the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide outstanding value to our clients.

Trade’s Future Is Here: Powered by AI

Winning the Multimodal 2024 “Customs Technology Partner of the Year” award is more than just an honour; it represents a powerful promise. It’s a pledge to never stop innovating and a promise that the revolutionary potential of AI-driven customs technology will continue to transform the landscape of trade.

Ready to experience the power of AI?

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Our achievement as

Customs Technology Partner of the Year

is evidence of our dedication to quality. You can now benefit from our experience at no cost!

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Winner - "Customs Technology Partner of the Year" by MultiModal Awards