Prohibited or Restricted Product Screening

Gain access to the list of restricted items for import and import.

Prohibited or Restricted Product Screening

Gain access to the list of restricted items for import and import.

Improve Screening Efficiency and Effectiveness

iCustoms restricted and prohibited goods screening tool streamlines and simplifies the user experience by verifying the limitations and restrictions on imported products.
restricted goods screening solution

A versatile and intuitive restricted goods screening solution

Screen all your orders automatically against restricted or denied products nationally and internationally.
With the help of this tool, you can improve import-export transparency and decrease goods returns rate while enhancing your customers’ experience.
The AI-powered solution simplifies the screening process, provides quick access to the latest watch lists, and minimise the time to value.

Make Prohibited Goods screening easy with iCustoms

Simplify your screening procedure with accurate content - Improve compliance

The intelligent solution keeps track of global trade compliance management in an up-to-date manner, simplifies and automates the user experience, and ensures high levels of international trade compliance.
screening procedure with accurate content - Improve compliance

Benefits for Organisations

Hassle free & easy to use

Ability to access prohibited and restricted goods and instantaneously receive precise and simple-to-interpret results in real-time.

Risk-proof solution

Enhance compliance and decrease the potential of fines, penalties, and negative news coverage.

Up-to-date content

Our watch lists database are continually updated, ensuring your compliance program is working with the most up-to-date information.
Key Features

Individual screening

Automatically screen restricted goods through our API in a few seconds.

Bulk screening

Quickly verify all your goods in a single submission – fastest way to handle potential issues.

Vendor blocking

Automated screening of restricted or prohibited goods with inline process blocking and release.

Advanced search

Assess your screening criteria efficiently and give the accurate results you need to make an informed decision.

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