ICS2 Compliance Made Easy: iCustoms HS6 Code Classification

What’s HS6 Code Classification and Why is it important?

A standardised system for categorising commodities for international trade is called HS6, or Harmonised System Nomenclature Codes. The European Union (EU) created ICS2, or Import Control System 2, a comprehensive cargo information system to increase the speed and security of customs clearance procedures. This offers a unified, internationally accepted framework for identifying and categorising items.

The Significance of HS6 Codes in ICS2

For ICS2, HS6 codes are important in a number of ways.

  • Precise goods Classification: HS6 codes ensure that the right customs processes and taxes are implemented by facilitating a consistent and precise classification of commodities.
  • Risk Assessment: Customs authorities can identify potential dangers connected with particular commodities categories by using the useful information HS6 codes provide for risk assessment purposes.
  • Data Exchange: By enabling effective data sharing between companies and customs authorities, HS6 codes expedite the customs clearance procedure.
  • Trade Facilitation: By standardising classification procedures among countries, lowering trade obstacles, and streamlining cross-border trade, HS6 codes help to facilitate trade.

How is HS6 Code Classification used for Custom Clearance ?

HS6 codes are utilised in ICS2 for a number of purposes related to customs clearance, such as:

  • Goods Pre-Declaration: Companies are required to give precise HS6 codes in their electronic pre-declarations so that customs officials can evaluate the risk of every shipment and apply specific risk-based procedures.
  • Entry Summary Declarations: To complete entry summary declarations, one must have access to HS6 codes, which offer comprehensive information on imported items.
  • Calculation of Duties: HS6 codes are used to figure out the customs duties and taxes that apply to imported products.
  • Statistical Analysis: Trade statistics are compiled using HS6 codes, which offer important insights into trade trends and patterns.

Ensuring Accurate HS6 Code Usage

In order to meet ICS2 regulations and to be compliant, you need to ensure that HS6 codes are used correctly. Here’s how :

  • Use HS6 Code References: To get the correct codes for your items, use official HS6 code references and advice materials.
  • Seek Professional Guidance: When classifying complex or unfamiliar items, seek the advice of customs brokers or trade advisors.
  • Keep Up with HS6 Changes: To make sure you utilise the most recent and accurate codes, be informed about any changes or upgrades to the HS6 code system.

How Can iCustoms Make Trade Easier ?

iCustoms, a leading global trade management platform, provides an HS Code Classification Tool powered by AI and ML to assist in accurately and efficiently classifying commodities for ICS2 compliance.

The software automatically analyses product specifications, descriptions, and other pertinent data to determine the correct HS6 codes using sophisticated machine-learning techniques.

You can benefit from the iCustoms HS Code Classification Tool in a number of ways, including:

  • Increased Accuracy: By ensuring high precision in HS6 code classification, the tool’s AI and ML capabilities lower the possibility of mistakes and fines.
  • Increased Productivity: By automating the classification process, saving you time and money.
  • Decreased Costs: The tool prevents potential expenses related to improper HS6 code usage.
  • Simplified ICS2 Compliance: Ensures a more seamless and effective ICS2 compliance procedure by accurate HS6 code classification.

Talk to iCustoms specialists right now to see how HS Code Classification Tool can help your company comply with HS6 code classification for cross-border trade. 

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