The Windsor Framework, which is a set of new arrangements proposed by the UK government to replace the Northern Ireland Protocol, has significant implications for customs in Northern Ireland. The Protocol, which was agreed as part of the UK’s withdrawal agreement from the EU, introduced customs checks and controls on goods moving between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, effectively creating a customs border in the Irish Sea.

Impact of Windsor Framework on the customs industry

Northern Ireland has to follow EU customs rules for goods that are at risk of moving from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland and the EU. To facilitate this, the UK has established a new customs regime for goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain.


Under the Windsor Framework, the UK government aims to restore Northern Ireland’s place in the UK internal market and remove the burden of customs checks on goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. 



This will be achieved by disapplying over 1,700 pages of EU law, along with the accompanying European Court of Justice jurisdiction, which will be replaced by core UK internal market rules.


This means that goods moving between Northern Ireland and Great Britain will not be subject to customs checks or tariffs, unless there is a specific risk or intelligence basis to do so.

Devil is in the details

The goods moving from Northern Ireland to the EU will continue to be subject to full EU law checks and controls, including customs declarations, and will require a customs declaration. 


This means that Northern Irish businesses that export to the EU will still have to comply with EU customs regulations and may face additional administrative burdens.


The Windsor Framework also includes a new data-sharing system to monitor and manage risks, which will allow internal UK traders to move goods without physical checks, provided that they have provided sufficient commercial information. 


This will help to reduce the burden of customs checks and ensure a smoother flow of trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


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