Automate, Digitise, and Streamline: How CDS Customs Empowers Brokers

Are you tired of paperwork, mistakes, and wasting time on customs? Get ready to ditch the manual chaos and embrace the digital age of customs brokerage.
CDS Customs is your key to 100% automation, 99% accuracy, and declarations in just 3 minutes.

In the complex field of customs brokerage, manual labour and adherence to regulations can impede progress and cause difficulties. This blog discusses the issues with the traditional ways of processing customs paperwork and demonstrates the urgent need for automation and digitisation.

CDS Customs

CDS Customs is a guiding beacon for customs brokers to a better way of doing customs declarations. This innovative solution is like the main building block for a big change, giving us more than just automation – it’s like a total makeover for how things usually work.

Imagine a world where everything is automatic 100%, almost everything is accurate all the time, and we can process declarations super fast. CDS Customs is the big spark that makes everything different, giving customs brokers the special key to opening a new era of doing things really well and fast.

The Challenges of Traditional Customs Brokerage

Significant and consequential challenges characterise the landscape of traditional customs brokerage. These challenges often revolve around the intricate process of documenting and declaring goods for international trade. Here’s an exploration of these challenges:

The Challenges of Traditiona cdsl Customs Brokerage

Manual Declaration Process

  • Customs declarations often involve extensive manual paperwork, making the process prone to errors and delays.
  • Manual entry of information increases the risk of inaccuracies in product classification, valuation, and other critical details.

Regulatory Complexity

  • Changing customs regulations are a constant challenge. In the declaration process, brokers must remain vigilant and familiar in order to stay up-to-date with changes.
  • Adhering to diverse and occasionally conflicting regulations across different countries adds an extra layer of complexity for accurate and compliant declarations.

Time-consuming process

  • The traditional customs clearance process can be time-consuming due to the reliance on physical documents and the slow pace of communication.
  • Delays in declaration processing contribute to extended lead times, increased storage costs, and the potential for financial penalties.

Risk of Errors

  • Manual declaration processes heighten the risk of errors in documentation and compliance. Non-compliance can lead to fines, product confiscation, and supply chain interruption.
  • Meeting significant criteria like product classification or calculating the accurate tax & duties for different sorts of goods and industries is a constant challenge for correct declarations.

How do CDS Customs empower brokers?

How do CDS Customs empower brokers?

AI Technology

CDS facilitates the transition from traditional paper-based documentation to a digital platform by leveraging artificial intelligence. This transition not only reduces the amount of manual labour associated with preparing and submitting declarations, but also improves the process’s efficiency.

100% Automation

Step into the future of customs brokerage with the Customs Declaration Software (CDS), where 100% automation can help you to complete your tedious tasks. CDS system handles everything from data entry, compliance checks, to document generation.

Efficient Data Handling

CDS allows customs brokers to more efficiently input and manage declaration data. The solution enables faster and more precise data entry, reducing the risk of errors commonly associated with manual processes.

99% Accuracy

Experience the unmatched precision of our cutting-edge Customs Declaration Software (CDS). The smart features in CDS has 99% accuracy rate and carefully check every declaration to make sure there are no mistakes.

Declarations in 3 Minutes

Boost your efficiency with the Customs Declaration Software (CDS) – where declarations are handled super quickly, just in 3 minutes! Brokers can speed up the customs declaration process, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient experience for both you and your clients.

User-Friendly Interface

Due to its simple design, CDS is easier for customs brokers to operate. The straightforward design and navigation help to make the declaration process go more smoothly and efficiently.

Enhanced Compliance

The innovative element of CDS guarantees adherence to the latest customs regulations. A system that adapts to legislative changes can be advantageous to brokers as it reduces the chance of non-compliance and the associated penalty.

Real-Time Visibility

The customs declaration procedure is visible in real time thanks to CDS. Brokers may keep track of the status of declarations, which provides them with the most recent information on how declarations are progressing through the customs clearance process.

The Empowering Effect of CDS on Brokers

The Empowering Effect of CDS on Brokers

Operational Cost Reduction

CDS considerably lowers customs brokerage operational costs. Brokers can decrease labour and operational costs by automating regular procedures and reducing manual effort in declaration processes.

Error Minimisation

CDS automation reduces the chances of mistakes in data entry, classification, and compliance errors. This prevents delays, rework, and financial penalties for brokers.

Speed and Accuracy

CDS positions brokers ahead of the competition by offering faster and more accurate customs services. CDS allows Brokers to attain a competitive edge in the market.

Adaptability to Regulatory Changes

Thanks to CDS’s adaptability, brokers stay compliant with changing customs regulations. This adaptability decreases non-compliance and promotes brokers as proactive and capable service providers in a changing regulatory landscape.

Business Growth

CDS helps businesses develop in the digital age of trade. Technology allows brokers to extend their services, attract more clients, and use CDS efficiency advantages to continue expansion.

iCustoms, Your Trade Partner

Embrace a new era of streamlined customs declaration with iCustoms, your trusted partner in international trade. iCustoms CDS application offers a comprehensive transformation, streamlining the intricate realm of global trade compliance.

Consider a future that includes seamless automation, pinpoint precision, and unparalleled efficiency — your gateway to an innovative tomorrow.

Experience a seamless, accurate, and forward-thinking customs process with iCustoms, your reliable trade ally in the modern era.


One revolutionary step towards fully automated customs brokerage is the Customs Declaration Software (CDS). CDS takes on the problems of labour-intensive manual processes, complicated regulations, and lengthy procedures. Redesigning the customs declaration procedure to put brokers in a better position for growth and efficiency, it’s more than just a solution.

iCustoms is a trade partner which strengthens the resolve to transform customs declarations. Automated processes are now highly precise, with few mistakes and constant expansion being the rule in this new age. When it comes to international trade, CDS and iCustoms are bringing a new level of dependability, efficiency, and innovation to the customs brokerage industry.

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What does CDS stand for?

CDS stand for "Customs Declaration Software." The United Kingdom uses the Customs Declaration Software system to electronically submit customs declarations.

Who will make export-import declaration 3rd party uk?

Businesses frequently engage freight forwarders or customs agents to conduct export-import declarations in the UK on their behalf. These independent experts guarantee adherence to rules and have experience with customs processes.

What is the difference between Chief and CDS?

Chief and CDS are both customs declaration systems, but Chief is the older system used in the UK, while CDS is the modernised replacement, offering enhanced features and compliance capabilities.

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Join HMRC, iCustoms & Institute of Export to discuss Developments in UK customs IT and AI.