10 Reasons Why You Need to Use Customs Declaration Services

The complex network of laws, tariffs, and compliance requirements that surrounds international trade. It can be difficult to navigate customs, particularly for companies that engage in international trade. This is where customs declaration services come into play, providing a host of advantages that guarantee compliance with legal standards and expedite procedures.

CDS service can ease the hassle of conducting international business by managing the necessary documentation and logistical arrangements. They possess the skills and knowledge necessary to guarantee that your goods are declared accurately and in accordance with all relevant rules and regulations.

This blog post will give you ten reasons to choose CDS customs software. 

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About Customs Declaration Software

The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) is a contemporary, secure online platform used in the United Kingdom to submit customs declarations. It takes the role of CHIEF, the previous system, which is being phased down in two stages:

  • September 30, 2022: Import declarations must be completed through CDS and cannot be made through CHIEF after this date.
  • March 31, 2023: After this date, import and export declarations must be completed using CDS rather than CHIEF.

Thus, the customs software effectively serves as the new mandatory method for all UK customs filings.

  • Electronically submits declarations via Secure File Upload.
  • Enables you to browse statements, make payments, and manage standing authority all from one financial dashboard.
  • Provides updates and alerts in real-time.
  • Allows quicker clearance for managing business finances through the use of duty-deferred accounts and card/bank payments.

10 Reasons why you should use Customs Declaration Services

10 reason to use customs declaration

1. Effective time management

With the help of CDS systems, you can save valuable time. They manage bulk documentation with expertise, making sure everything is carefully prepared and filed so you can concentrate on your main business operations.

2. Smooth border transfers

Using the correct customs declaration services might help you avoid border delays. Their knowledge guarantees that all required paperwork is carefully completed and submitted, avoiding delays in the shipping procedure.

3. The avoidance of penalties

Avoid fines for unintentional violations of customs regulations by using customs clearance software. Their knowledge guarantees compliance, protecting your business from possible financial losses.

4. Expert guidance

Make use of the knowledge and experience of seasoned experts in customs declaration services such as iCustoms. Their comprehensive understanding of the complexities of customs enables them to offer customised advice, enhancing your strategy for particular trading situations.

5. Effortless procedure streamlining

Allow customs declaration services to make the procedure run more smoothly. They ensure a seamless and effective shipping experience by effectively managing documentation and communicating with all relevant parties, including brokers and carriers.

6. Stress reduction

The tangle of UK customs declarations can be stressful and confusing. Give this duty to a customs declaration service to reduce the work and make sure everything goes more smoothly.

7. Prudence in finances

Benefit financially from customs declaration services. Their systematic methodology minimises the possibility of non-compliance fines and maximises cost-effectiveness by ensuring proper duty and tax payments.

8. Error prevention

Prevent costly mistakes in your UK customs declarations. These services are proficient at managing minute details, making sure everything is finished precisely and carefully.

9. Peace of assurance

The dependability of customs declaration services might provide you peace of mind. You can be confident that your products will clear customs quickly and easily, causing the least amount of supply chain hiccups.

10. Business focus

Give the details to professionals and concentrate your time and energy on your main line of business. By contracting with professionals to handle declarations, you can focus on expanding the business instead of being sidetracked by complicated paperwork.


To sum up, customs and international trade are not easy fields to work in. If you make a mistake, you could end yourself with fines, delays, or even worse, lost shipments. Customs declaration services step in to provide a seamless way around the complications at that point. With their experience, you can go through customs, stay out of trouble, and concentrate on expanding your business’s operations. Therefore, having these services is the key to a more stress-free, seamless customs tango.

Exports and imports can be optimised effortlessly! For professional customs declaration services catered to your business’s requirements, get in touch with iCustoms right now. Together, let’s handle customs for a more seamless trading experience!


Do I need to use a customs declaration service?

The intricacy of your imports and exports will determine this. It is advisable to use a service to ensure smooth trading and compliance with customs requirements.

What is a customs declaration service?

This expert service makes sure that imports and exports pass customs with ease by managing the documentation and compliance requirements.

Will the customs declaration service be available after Brexit?

Indeed, these services still exist after Brexit, helping to ensure smooth trade between the UK and other countries and helping with the new customs laws.

Can I do my own customs declarations?

You certainly can, but it will take a lot of effort and time. By using a service, you may navigate complex customs procedures with accuracy and save time.

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Join HMRC, iCustoms & Institute of Export to discuss Developments in UK customs IT and AI.