The Delivered at Place Unloaded (DPU) Incoterm is a trade term used in international contracts to specify the responsibilities and obligations of the buyer and seller regarding the delivery of goods.

Under DPU terms:

Seller’s Responsibilities: The seller’s responsibility is to get the goods to the agreed destination, like a terminal or warehouse, and to unload them there.

DPU also specifies that the seller bears all expenses related to transportation, including export fees, carriage, unloading from the main carrier at the destination port, and destination port charges. Additionally, the seller assumes all risks until the goods reach the destination.

Buyer’s Responsibilities: The buyer needs to handle things like customs clearance, pay any taxes or fees, and receive the goods once they’re unloaded at the agreed destination.

DPU is a versatile trade term that lets parties choose any location as the delivery destination, making it adaptable to different transportation methods and delivery situations.

It’s crucial for both the buyer and seller to clearly agree on the destination and their roles in the contract to prevent confusion and ensure a problem-free deal.

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