The Incoterm known as Delivered at Place (DAP), alternatively referred to as Delivered at Terminal (DAT), is a term frequently employed in international trade transactions.

It means that with the Delivered at Place (DAP), the seller is in charge of getting the goods to a specific spot. Usually, this spot is where the buyer wants the goods to go or a terminal both parties agree on.

Under DAP terms, the seller bears all risks and costs associated with transporting the goods to the specified destination, including import clearance, duties, and taxes.

Once the goods are delivered to the agreed-upon place, the buyer assumes responsibility for unloading the goods and any further transportation, as well as any subsequent risks and costs.

DAP terms are commonly chosen when the buyer wants the seller to take care of getting the goods to a particular place, but afterward, the buyer is in charge of dealing with customs and arranging further transportation.

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