Complete solution for German
import management & procedures


Complete solution for German import management & procedures


Desgined by

global trade & logistics experts

3 minutes


Customs Clearance

in minutes


Accuracy & Transparency

One solution for all customs procedures

The iCustoms software for Germany ATLAS IMPORT declares your goods whether you are a trader, customs agent, or fulfillment service provider

Here’s how it works?

Direct connectivity to the German Customs – gives you the confidence and efficiency

Enable you to automatically file your declarations by using the most up-to-date trade content

Improve trade compliance processes with the power of AI-based product classification tool – automates global goods classification process

Help you quickly validate the accuracy of all data before submitting a declaration


Key Benefits

Fully automated

Minimise manual handling and automate your multi-step declarations. Validates information before submission.

Quick & fast delivery

Complete import declarations and clear your goods in a few minutes.

Easy to use interface

Fast & ready to configure and deploy.


Get a complete overview of your declarations. Allow you to monitor various customs operations.


Equally suitable for low or high transaction volume.


Get all the information to monitor the status of declaration analytics at-a- glance.

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iCustoms streamlines your customs declaration process for import handling. It automates your document processing and ensures smooth imports of goods. We support you through the entire customs clearance procedure