Intelligent Document Processing (iDP)

Simplify International Trade Processes With Customs Automation

End-to-end machine-learning solution designed to help businesses process trade documents, eliminate manual work, and ensure customs compliance.

Extract, categories and validate your data in an accurate, fast and economic way…

Simplify International Trade Procedures With Customs Automation

99% Accuracy

Save cost & time by 70%

For global trade

Eliminate manual input

Eliminate manual input

Automate data entry process

Handle any type of document

Capture data from your trade document within seconds

Currently most organisations are still processing their customs declarations manually. Copying and pasting data between trade documents and forms is very cumbersome.


Let our software capture data from your records!


iCustoms robust data entry software automates key-word extraction, which is from your commercial invoices, trade receipts and bills of lading.

IDP-Time Saving
IDP process

Automate your customs data entry process in an intelligent way

If you’re worried about extended processing times, repetition of data entries and validation checks every time you submit a declaration… We’re here to help!


There is an intelligent way to handle this!


Our customs data entry solution, with AI-powered capabilities, assists organisations in removing processing bottlenecks and delays. Which are typically caused by manual document handling and data entry.

Save time and increase your productivity

Improve your customs data entry speed and reduce cost simultaneously. You can makes customs form filling a completely hand-free process, including document scan, data capture, validation, and verification of form details.

iCustoms sets your data capture and entry workflows an an automated way so you can focus on other business activities. A highly automated document-based process dramatically reduces the number of steps needed to declare customs procedures.

Begin your customs data entry automation journey now.

Transform traditional files into a machine-readable format with iCustoms Intelligent Document Processing.


Connecting all your banking needs

IDP Intelligent Document Automation in a very easy way

A new way to customs clearance - Automation

Powered by AI and ML

Allow scanning of any document type, including business invoices, bills of lading, and more, to extract and combine important data.

Seamless Integration with Databases

Integrate with customs databases to speed up data submission – increase transparency.

Boost efficiency and accuracy

iCustoms uses AI and OCR to optimise document processing for your business.

Benefits of using IDP (Intelligent Document Processing)

Import your document trade document in any format

Recognises and extracts key information to find relevant fields and data

Allow transfer of processed data directly to your ERP system

Automated verification based on validation rules ensures
99% accuracy

Regulatory compliance check for quick customs clearance

Make customs filling fast, easy & accurate - lower costs all around

Ready to use customs automation software for your trade procedures?

Streamline manual processes, and speed up customs clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligent Document Processing, or IDP, is an improved version of optical character recognition (OCR) that incorporates AI. It takes up the document and intelligently integrates it into a structured form.
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Customs automation processes commercial invoices, bills of lading, packing lists, certificates of origin, customs declarations, and other trade documents.

It can automate data extraction and processing for various customs documents, regardless of the direction of the shipment, improving efficiency and compliance in both scenarios.

It can be beneficial to customs authorities, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, customs brokers, logistics service providers, and trade compliance professionals involved in international trade and customs processes.

It seamlessly connects with customs management systems, customs declaration platforms, and other relevant software, allowing a smooth transition and improved efficiency.

IDP solution can be integrated with ERP systems, customs management platforms, supply chain management software, and other trade-related applications. This integration ensures seamless data flow and enhances the overall efficiency of trade operations.

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