iCustoms Urges Businesses to Transition to CDS Exports Before June 4th Deadline

Exporters face a critical deadline of June 4th, 2024, to transition to the Customs Declaration Service (CDS). After this date, the legacy system, CHIEF, will be permanently disabled for accepting new export declarations. Failure to complete the transition by the deadline could result in a complete cessation of business export operations, potentially incurring significant financial losses and reputational damage

“The June 4th deadline for CDS implementation is absolute, with no extensions available,” emphasises Adnan ZaheerCEO & Founder of iCustoms, a leading provider with a proven track record in customs compliance solutions. “HMRC has confirmed the complete decommissioning of CHIEF in July. Businesses that have not completed the transition by then risk facing significant disruptions, delays, and potential penalties.”

While HMRC may make limited exceptions for technical migration difficulties, a lack of preparation will not be considered an acceptable justification. According to our research, a significant number of businesses have yet to make the switch to CDS for exports. Proactive action is essential to avoid potential disruptions.

The Switch to CDS: Why?

The UK’s customs platform has undergone major modernisation with the switch to CDS. Compared to CHIEF, this new system has a more user-friendly interface, reduced procedures, and enhanced capability.

What You Must Do:

  • Subscribe to CDS (if not already): This is required for submitting export declarations directly from your application. If you’ve previously subscribed to imports, there’s no need to do so again.

  • Speak with your software supplier: Verify if it is compatible with CDS exports and start the authorisation procedure. Furthermore, ask about utilising their software in conjunction with the HMRC’s free Trader Dress Rehearsal service to get practice filing declarations in a test setting.

  • Find a Software Provider (if necessary): Resources are available if you do not already have a software provider that provides CDS export functionality.

  • Join HMRC’s Webinar on CDS Exports: Attend the forthcoming webinar on Thursday, March 7, 2024, at 9:45 am to obtain insightful knowledge. The seminar will cover critical aspects such as CDS prerequisites, acquiring access, comprehending declaration requirements, and transition help.

iCustoms: Your Partner in a Seamless CDS Transition

At iCustoms, we understand how crucial it is to properly navigate customs laws. Our intuitive CDS-compliant software helps reduce mistakes, increase productivity, and streamline your export filings.

Here’s how we can support you:

  • Smooth CDS Integration: A flawless and effective declaration procedure is ensured by the seamless integration of our software with CDS.

  • Automated Workflows: We automate repetitive operations to reduce human mistakes and save you time.

  • Professional Assistance: Our dedicated group of experts is available to help you with the process and respond to any inquiries.

Don’t wait until the last minute!

Get in touch with iCustoms right now to discuss your unique requirements and find out how we can assist you in smoothly switching your export declarations to CDS.

By working together, we can make sure that the shift goes well and confidently navigate the customs solutions of the future.


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