The Best UK Customs Management Software of 2024

Corporations that deal in international commerce must have competent customs management software. Understanding strict customs laws, assuring adherence, and optimising documentation can only be challenging with sufficient support.

Fortunately, customs management software can assist with expediting processes, diminishing threats, and boosting output.  The following article compares the top six UK customs management software options available in 2024. 

These CRM software developments rank highly regarding features, functionality, and client satisfaction. Businesses may use these revolutionary tools to accelerate customs clearance processes, and stay at the forefront of the worldwide economy.

What is customs management?

Customs management supervises and encourages the transportation of goods and verifies that they satisfy customs prerequisites. It supervises global trading activities. Foreign trade hinges on customs management, which entails product declaration and paperwork, import duties and taxes, and adhering to requirements.


The Customs Administration stresses promoting trade, national security, public health and safety, and meeting regulatory requirements. Customs officials, traders, exporters, importers, logistics providers, and other supply chain stakeholders require cooperation to manage customs.


Customs management oversees and facilitates goods movements and enforces compliance with customs standards. It manages global trading activities. International trade relies on customs management, which includes product declaration and documentation, customs fees and taxes, and compliance with regulations.


Customs management emphasises trade facilitation, national security, public health and safety, and regulatory compliance. Customs officials, importers, exporters, logistics providers, and other supply chain stakeholders must collaborate to manage customs.

What do you mean by customs management software?

Customs management software helps companies manage customs operations and compliance. It automates and streamlines customs clearance, import/export documentation, tariff classification, duty calculation, compliance checks, and other international commerce and customs laws processes.


This streamlines and optimises manual customs procedures, which are time-consuming and error-prone. This program helps companies comply with customs laws, decrease risks, cut expenses, and boost international trade efficiency.

Main features of customs management software

Every customs declaration software uses a bunch of similar services with a slight essence of their uniqueness to make it different from others. They are coordinated with HMRC and follow the regulations that define a good customs clearance system. The main features of it include:


  • Export/Import Paperwork: The common objective of the management software is to provide documentation for importing or exporting. It includes all sources of documents required for the declaration.
  • Customs Enforcement: All the customs software adheres to the rules specified by the customs law. Firms that have designed their software systems must abide by the rules.
  • Tariff class: One crucial factor that the customs software provides is giving correct HS codes for the products. Users can classify goods and calculate taxes using the latest tariff databases, harmonised system codes, and trade regulations.
  • Duty Computation: Customs administration software calculates duty and tax depending on regulations and rates. It evaluates product classification, provenance, customs valuation, and privileged trade agreements.
  • Commerce Compliance Monitoring: The software screens clients, suppliers, and carriers in international trade. 
  • Data exchange: Customs administration software allows electronic data exchange between authorities, freight forwarders, brokers, and other stakeholders. 
  • Customs Analytics: The software generates immigration reports on import/export quantities, duty payments, compliance rates, and transaction history.
  • Integration and Connection: Customs management software collaborates with ERP, conveyance, and logistics systems. 
  • Keep track: It detects shipments in real-time detail. Users can track merchandise, notice delays, and check their status.
  • Compliance and Accountability: Customs management software aids audits and compliance.
features of customs management software

Best customs management software

We have explained some features that describe good management software that gives a good customer experience. This is a list of some of the best customs declaration service software that can be helpful.

It is a customs management platform that is a one-end solution to customs solutions. It provides several unique services, including a custom declaration service, classification, and Hs-code lookup. Moreover, it offers a duty and tax calculator that authenticates the amount of VAT paid for the imported goods. 


It is a steadfast approach for single traders or supply chain firms at a smaller or more prominent level. This software has designed a customs automation method with the specification of IDP (intelligent document processing). It is a novel technique for intelligent document automation that saves time and increases efficiency through data extraction.

2. Descartes:

Descartes Systems Group’s complete Descartes Customs Management Software streamlines customs processes and ensures international commerce compliance. The program streamlines and optimises customs clearance and documentation operations. It helps firms manage complex customs procedures by providing reliable trade data on tariff classifications, duty rates, and customs rules. 


The duty and tax computation technology automates the process based on reliable trade data, reducing errors and estimating costs. Descartes Customs Management Software helps firms comply with export control requirements and avoid unauthorised commerce by screening restricted parties.

3. WiseTech Global's CargoWise:

WiseTech Global’s CargoWise customs administration software is well-regarded. The CargoWise One platform provides end-to-end logistics and supply chain management.


CargoWise has robust customs compliance and documentation tools. CargoWise automates and streamlines customs procedures, ensuring UK and international compliance. 


The software provides customs declarations, duty calculations, tariff categorisation, and compliance checks. Users can electronically submit customs papers and receive real-time clearance status updates. 


CargoWise’s vast connectivity allows trading partners, freight forwarders, customs brokers, and logistics service providers to collaborate seamlessly. It supports EDI and connects with other systems to streamline supply chain data flow.

4. Agency sector management:

ASM encompasses public agency management and governance. It incorporates methods and practises to maximise these agencies’ performance and effectiveness in attaining their goals. ASM improves agency accountability, transparency, efficiency, and service.


ASM requires explicit governance systems. This involves creating performance objectives and benchmarks, outlining agency leaders’ and board members’ duties, and establishing performance monitoring and evaluation systems.


Effective governance promotes ethical behaviour, legal compliance, and agency-responsible decision-making.

5.Thyme IT:

Thyme IT develops unique hospitality software. displays their goods and services. Thyme IT provides software for hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality organisations to simplify operations and enhance productivity. It offers a complete property management system (PMS). This program manages hotel bookings, check-ins, check-outs, billing, and guest communication. 


PMS automates processes, reduces manual duties, and provides real-time information for effective decision-making. It offers restaurant-specific point-of-sale (POS) systems. Their POS facilitates order taking, table management, inventory control, and payment processing. It interfaces with the kitchen display system (KDS) and online ordering platforms to streamline operations.


The correct customs administration software is essential for UK firms in today’s highly regulated international trade market. Some top choices are iCustoms, Descartes CustomsInfo, WiseTech Global’s CargoWise, ASM, and Thyme IT. 


These programs have powerful tools that facilitate customs clearance, guarantee legality, and enhance global trade. Time, money, risk, and efficiency may all be saved and improved with the correct customs management software. If you want to succeed in the highly competitive UK market, you need to modernise your customs processes and embrace the power of technology.

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