In customs management, product classification refers to the process of determining the correct tariff code for a product being imported or exported. Tariff codes are used to classify goods according to their nature, and they are used to determine the applicable duties and taxes that will be applied to the product when it is imported or exported. 


Product classification is important because it determines the applicable duties and taxes that will be levied on the product, as well as any other regulatory requirements that may apply. To classify a product, customs officials may use various resources such as the Harmonized System (HS) classification code, which is a standardised system used by most countries to classify goods for trade purposes.

How Product Classification is made easier with Customs Declaration Software?

Customs declaration software can make the process of product classification easier by providing users with access to a database of tariff codes and other relevant information. This can help users to quickly and accurately determine the correct tariff code for a product, which is essential for ensuring that the correct duties and taxes are applied.


In addition to providing access to a database of tariff codes, customs declaration software may also have other features that can assist with product classification. 


For example, the software may have tools that allow users to search for tariff codes based on the product description or other relevant criteria. Other software may have features that allow users to input the product’s details and receive a suggested tariff code, which can help to reduce the risk of errors.


Overall, customs declaration software can be a useful tool for simplifying the product classification process and ensuring that the correct tariff codes are applied to imported and exported goods. iCustoms helps businesses classify goods precisely so they can pay the right Customs Duty and the Import VAT. 


With the automated and AI-based product classification tool, companies can improve the accuracy of Commodity Code determination and minimise time spent in sorting out goods.

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Automated & AI-driven product classification solution

Categorise products with the power of AI:

In comparison to manually searching through the codes and regulations, iCustoms software provides sophisticated machine-learning tools making classification up to 100% faster and much simpler.

Global HS code search and analysis:

  • For global supply chains to succeed, iCustoms maintains an up-to-date and comprehensive database of over 20+ million products, ensuring that the most recent information is accessed.

  • Greater accuracy while spending less on duty

Importers and exporters can optimise overall duty spending by using the advanced global tariff code lookup, HS, and HTS code searches.
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Automated & AI-driven product classification solution

HS Codes Lookup

The HS Codes Mapping tool allows you to enter the six-digit HS code number for one country and find the equivalent HS number for the other.
  • Locate the necessary item quickly.
  • Minimal time is spent
  • Organise your research and eliminate the manual classification

HS Codes Mapping

A partial commodity code, words or phrases that describe your product, or the entire tree of commodity codes, which enables you to drill down to the precise numbers, are your three search options. 

  • Greater transparency and quicker decision-making
  • Improved management of the research process
  • Access all the data in a structured way.
  • Identify shortcomings


iCustoms precisely approves the HS code and descriptions and provides a status code that identifies the issue. The API’s capabilities and speed are optimised for this.

  • It provides pertinent clearance information, including a legitimate description, a possible HS code, and 8 and 10-digit export and import codes.
  • Make sure classified data is accurate 
  • Make sure classified data is accurate 
  • decrease risk and increase reliability

Bulk Upload

In order to guarantee that products always have accurate classification data and can cross borders without delay, businesses can upload and process their files in real time at a low cost.

  • Save money and time.
  • supports importing files in multiple formats
  • automated process
  • Sort more items at once.
  • easily manage large volumes

Why is product classification important in customs?

Product classification is important in customs because it determines the applicable duties, taxes, and other regulations that apply to a particular product when it is imported into a country. Different countries have different regulations for different types of products, and proper classification is necessary to ensure that the correct regulations are applied. 


In addition, product classification can also affect the availability of certain import and export licenses, as well as the eligibility of a product for certain trade agreements or preferential tariff treatment. Overall, accurate product classification is essential for ensuring that imports and exports are properly regulated and taxed, and for facilitating international trade.


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