iCustoms Achieves CCS-UK Accreditation: Your Air Cargo Just Got a Major Upgrade

Trading by air just got smoother. Forget convoluted processes and mountains of paperwork. iCustoms, your trusted customs software partner, has joined forces with CCS-UK, the UK’s essential electronic air cargo community system, to create a streamlined experience for traders and agents like you.

This CCS-UK accreditation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and exceeding the needs of our clients,” says Adnan Zaheer, iCustoms CEO, “We are thrilled to empower businesses with the solutions they need to soar to new heights of efficiency and unlock the full potential of air cargo trade.

What is CCS-UK?

Think of CCS-UK as your air cargo control tower. It’s a centralised platform where everything related to your shipments takes flight: customs declarations, tracking, inventory management, and communication with authorities—all under one roof. No more juggling fragmented systems or struggling with endless paperwork. CCS-UK puts everything you need at your fingertips, simplifying air cargo management like never before.

iCustoms & CCS-UK: A Powerful Partnership

With iCustoms on board, navigating CCS-UK becomes even more efficient. Here’s how this dynamic duo takes your air cargo clearance to new heights:

  • Fast-track your clearance: Ditch the lengthy queues and frustrating delays. iCustoms facilitates seamless electronic customs declarations for air imports, slashing clearance times and getting your cargo airborne faster.
  • Paperless perfection: embrace the digital age! Forget mountains of documents and manual data entry. iCustoms automates your air cargo processes, minimising errors and maximising efficiency.
  • Confidence in the skies: Stay compliant and in control. iCustoms ensures accurate data exchange with CCS-UK, minimising the risk of fines and delays due to errors or non-compliance.
  • Connected ecosystem: iCustoms doesn’t just streamline clearance; it connects you to the entire air cargo ecosystem. Communicate seamlessly with authorities, airlines, and ground handlers—all within the CCS-UK platform.

Charting a Course for the Future

This collaboration isn’t just about making the present smoother; it’s about building a future where air cargo logistics soar effortlessly. Upcoming developments include expanding CCS-UK integration to encompass exports and introducing cutting-edge features to optimise clearance processes further.

Ready to take control of your air cargo clearance?

Contact iCustoms today and discover how their CCS-UK-powered solutions can propel your business to new heights of efficiency and unlock the full potential of global trade. Embrace the future of air cargo logistics with iCustoms, your trusted co-pilot in every journey.

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iCustoms is an all-in-one solution helping businesses automate customs processes more efficiently. With AI-powered and machine-learning capabilities, iCustoms is designed to streamline your all customs procedures in a few minutes, cut additional costs and save time.


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