Trade Compliance News – July 2024

Trade Compliance News - July

Trade Compliance News – July 2024 UK Importers Accused of Dodging Brexit Charges The government has accused EU-importing businesses of intentionally and criminally misreporting key documentation to evade new Brexit border charges. A recent notice sent to traders this week highlights repeated errors on import forms for goods arriving from the EU. The notice promises stricter enforcement of the new border checks for plant and animal products, which began on April 30th. These checks require inspections at designated border points, with fees varying based on the type of imported goods. For clarity, the new border rules categorise products based on risk (low, medium, high). Low-risk products face no checks, while medium and high-risk products require varying degrees of inspection. These checks can be time-consuming and lead to delays, potentially impacting perishable goods or delivery schedules. Read More Facing Brexit border delays and errors? iCustoms, your AI-powered solution, automates paperwork, classifies goods, and minimises delays. Get a Free Demo Trade Bodies Sound Alarm Over BTOM ‘Crisis’ Ahead of UK General Election Prior to the UK general election on Thursday (4 July), horticultural groups on both sides of the English Channel have collaboratively published an urgent open letter, urging a review of the measures set forth in the Border Target Operating Model (BTOM). The UK’s HTA and six European trade bodies in the sector have requested “engagement and action on costs, systems, data, and plans—crucial for future business planning.” These requests follow two months after the launch of BTOM’s second phase on 30 April, which introduced inspections for medium- and high-risk animal and plant products. During this period, the organisation has “heard deep concerns about the negative impact of the UK’s border policy on horticulture.” Read open letter here Port of Dover Prepares for Operation Brock: New Permit System Unveiled ( insert link to newsblog ) A new permit system aims to prevent hauliers from bypassing queues in Operation Brock on their way to the Port of Dover. While most freight drivers follow the rules, some try to avoid queues, causing delays elsewhere. Strengthening compliance measures ensures drivers stick to the plan, reducing congestion and simplifying journeys to the Port of Dover. The permit system will be implemented starting July 10, 2024, coinciding with the launch of Operation Brock on the M20 motorway ahead of the peak summer travel season. It will be activated concurrently with Dover TAP to manage freight flow to the Port of Dover. Under Operation Brock, trucks will be released to TAP only when sufficient capacity is available. Find out here  Transitioning to NCTS 5? Get a smooth transition with iCustoms’ AI-powered iNCTS solution, which streamlines customs declarations, enhances security, and boosts efficiency. Get a Free Demo NCTS 5 Rolled Out to Enhance Cross-Border Trade Efficiency As of 1st July 2024, the United Kingdom began its transition to NCT5 (New Computerised Transit System, Version 5). This upgrade to the customs transit system represents a major step forward in improving efficiency, security, and transparency in cross-border trade. At iCustoms, we proactively initiated the transition to NCTS5. Our early adoption with AI powered iNCTS demonstrates our commitment to staying ahead in the logistics and customs industry. Want to simplify your transit journey? Check out iNCTS 🌐 World Customs Organisation Releases Illicit Trade Report The Illicit Trade Report 2023, published by the World Customs Organisation (WCO), is a thorough examination of the present situation and developing trends in the illicit trade. It covers a number of crucial areas for enforcement efforts, such as Drugs Environment Cultural heritage Money laundering Financing of terrorism Intellectual property rights Health and safety Revenue Security One of the report’s main selling points is its emphasis on technological innovations and creative tactics for stopping illicit commerce. It also emphasises the importance of global collaboration and information exchange. Read the report here World Customs Organisation Releases Report on Digitalisation of the Certificate of Origin The WCO released a report which examines the advancement and potential of digitising origin certification processes. It identifies key success factors and challenges such as national legislation, technology selection, resource allocation, and mutual recognition among trading partners that require attention. Read the report here   Tired of manual Certificate of Origin processes? iCustoms offers a faster, easier way to manage them. Boost efficiency and free up your resources. Get a Free Demo You may also like: 05 July 2024 Trade Compliance News – July 2024 Read More 20 June 2024 Trade Compliance News – June 2024 Read More 13 June 2024 From Finalist to Champion: iCustoms Wins Multimodal 2024 “Customs Technology Partner of the Year” Award! Read More 05 June 2024 Trade Compliance News – June 2024 Read More 20 May 2024 Trade Compliance News – May 2024 Read More About iCustoms iCustoms is an all-in-one solution helping businesses automate customs processes more efficiently. 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