5 Best Customs Document Automation Software in 2024

Is managing your customs documents a hassle for you? Did you think of assigning this duty to software or an application that could resolve your problem? In this fast-paced AI world where everything is automated. Why not have customs document automation software that can shape your customs clearance work in a matter of seconds?

As we enter 2024, having a competitive advantage requires selecting the most effective customs document automation systems. This article explores the best five customs document automation softwares for 2024. With their unique features and benefits, these tools will not only expedite customs operations but also help you take your international business to new heights.

What do customs document automation software mean?

Special digital solutions, such as customs document automation software, have been developed to expedite and simplify the paperwork procedures associated with international commerce and customs clearance. This program uses advanced technologies like AI and OCR to streamline the process of making and filing the paperwork needed to import and export products and software designed specifically for automating customs documents.

Special digital solutions, such as customs document automation software, have been developed to expedite and simplify the paperwork procedures associated with international commerce and customs clearance. This program uses advanced technologies like AI and OCR to streamline the process of making and filing the paperwork needed to import and export products and software designed specifically for automating customs documents.

Intelligent Document automation Software

What features define good customs document automation software?

Document automation is a crucial process that may have negative consequences if not done properly. In order to find good automation software, one should ensure that it meets certain requirements. Some of them are described as:

1.1. Friendly user experience

Documents are easily managed if the software you use is user-friendly and efficient. A straightforward interface is essential for widespread implementation and speedy incorporation into current processes. The user experience improves when navigation is straightforward, labels are understandable, and menus are well laid out.

1.2. Choices for personalisation

The software is adaptable to meet the demands of a wide variety of sectors and businesses. Users may modify the program to meet their own needs with the help of flexible pre-built templates, processes, and rules.

1.3. Extraction and collection of data

It is impossible to compare document generation software fairly without first learning how each program separates relevant data from the rest of the input. Although it uses OCR, document automation software should extract data from scanned documents, emails, and digital forms.

1.4. Ability to integrate

Integration that is seamless with other systems, such as software for customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP), provides a smooth data flow and prevents duplicate efforts.

1.5. Process automation

The document generator software needs to be able to facilitate the construction of automated workflows that can direct documents through the various phases of the processing process. Workflows that are automated need less human participation, result in fewer mistakes, and speed up the processing of documents.

1.6. Working together instantaneously

Collaboration capabilities make real-time multi-user document editing possible, boosting productivity and cooperation. Collaboration tools that allow for real-time feedback, revisions, and versioning are crucial.

1.7. Information archiving and retrieval

Document retrieval and auditing are easier with a solid document storage solution that securely stores and organises information. With everything in one place, authorised users may access documents from any location at any time.

1.8. Consistency and safety

The best document automation software can protect your business’s sensitive information and ensure you’re in line with government rules. Encryption, role-based access controls, and detailed audit trails all contribute to better data security.

1.9. Alerts and notifications

Users are kept abreast of their ongoing assignments, deadlines, and document status updates through automated notification and alert systems. This function assures that activities will be done without unnecessary delays.

1.10. Data analysis and reporting

Advanced reporting and analytics tools may help better understand document processing efficiency, bottlenecks, and trends. This information allows for the constant tuning and fine-tuning of processes.

1.11. Mobility of access

The ability to view and edit documents from a mobile device increases productivity and portability in an age when working remotely is more common.

1.12. Productivity and versatility

To be effective, document automation software must be able to process massive document loads efficiently. Scalable software may easily adapt to meet the needs of a growing company.

Features of customs automation software

Top customs document automation software generator

This section will outline the important features of the best document software for customs management. The list will include the names of the software, their ranks, and what makes them special.

1. iCustoms

It is the industry standard for facilitating internet commerce among customs declaration software. iCustoms’ AI-powered document automation sequence manages import and export customs procedures. In order to automate customs forms in a clever and efficient manner, it has developed a solution based on intelligent document processing using artificial intelligence. Customs brokers find great value in and assistance from this procedure throughout the clearing process. IDP software is a cutting-edge solution that uses automation to read texts and extract relevant data.

From the first customs registration to the submission of the final customs, iCustoms manages the whole process in a streamlined, personalised manner. When you automate your customs business using iCustoms, you get HS code results that are 99% correct when you submit them to customs. Intelligent document automation is a novel approach that is gaining popularity internationally despite its limited scope of application. However, iCustoms is the leading customs organisation to provide this smart documentation option because of its cutting-edge automated service.

2. Descartes

Another online document creator platform is Descartes. It offers services for customs declaration, including multiple services, like the document management service. Its features are similar to those of iCustoms, but the difference relies on the extraction process.

Descartes Customs Info is able to provide precise and current information on tariffs, levies, and rules pertaining to countries all around the globe because of its extensive trade content database. This software assists organisations in making educated judgments while also maintaining compliance with ever-evolving regulations governing commerce.

3. Deloitte

If Deloitte has developed document automation software for customs processes, it would likely simplify and enhance what can be a tedious and error-prone part of international trade. By streamlining processes, guaranteeing compliance with customs laws, and reducing the potential for mistakes or delays in shipments, these software solutions attempt to help firms better handle international commerce.

To streamline import and export operations, customs document automation software is designed to work in tandem with an organisation’s pre-existing supply chain and trade management systems. Customs declarations, duty computations, shipment tracking, and compliance reports may all be part of this process.

4. Customs4Trade

Customs4trade’s customs document automation software streamlines and simplifies customs paperwork and compliance management. This program streamlines customs processes for companies, saving time and money. Customs4trade’s revolutionary technology eliminates manual paperwork and streamlines customs procedures. The program automates customs declarations to simplify import and export processes. This revolutionary approach ensures firms follow all legislation and requirements.

This software integrates effortlessly with supply chain management platforms. Doing so allows data transmission and real-time customs visibility. The program may include additional features that increase its commercial value. Examples include tariff code categorisation, duty computation, document archiving, and audit trails. The program helps organisations manage and meet customs responsibilities with these enhanced features.


The standard goal of AEB’s customs document automation software is to streamline the process through which businesses submit customs declarations, including their preparation, administration, and submission. Businesses may monitor their customs-related operations and shipment statuses in real time if the software is able to interact with other supply chain management systems to allow for smooth data interchange.

Companies that deal in global commerce may greatly benefit from this software since it has the ability to shorten processing times, minimise mistakes in customs paperwork, and boost supply chain efficiency. In addition, AEB’s software may include functions like tariff code categorisation, duty computation, and compliance reporting, all of which help enterprises conform to customs requirements as they evolve.


Choosing the most effective customs document automation software is essential for ensuring smooth customs processing and productive global trade operations in the complex and ever-changing environment of international commerce. The top 5 customs document automation software vendors in 2024 will equip firms with revolutionary technology, compliance capabilities, and intuitive interfaces to participate in global commerce. Investing in the appropriate customs document automation system may speed up customs operations, improve compliance, and raise efficiency for your international trade initiatives.

The accurate customs document automation system streamlines global commerce and ensures seamless customs clearance. Businesses may improve their customs operations by evaluating software based on simplicity of use, flexibility, compliance capabilities, and data security. Exporters and importers may improve productivity, decrease mistakes, and boost their worldwide competitiveness with the proper customs document automation system.


What is document automation software?

Software that automates document creation, management, and processing tasks.

How do you automate a Word document?

Use macros, scripts, or document automation tools to streamline repetitive tasks in Word documents.

What is an example of document automation?

Document automation is the use of software to produce customised contracts based on predetermined templates and data input, hence speeding document generation.

How do you automate document management?’

Document management may be automated by installing software systems that organise, categorise, and track documents throughout their entire existence. Workflow automation technologies can help you speed up approval procedures, version control, and document retrieval.

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