Developments in UK customs IT – CDS, NCTS5, the Single Trade Window and AI

Join the speakers from HMRC and iCustoms for a webinar presented by the Institute of Export and International Trade (IOE&IT) in association with iCustoms.

The UK’s border strategy is undergoing significant development. You will gain the knowledge necessary to negotiate impending changes to customs IT systems through this webinar.

When: 17 April, 14:00 – 15:15 BST

Host: Will Barns-Graham, executive editor at IOE&IT


  • Matt Vick, Customs and Trade Consultant at IOE&IT
  • Lorna Taylor, Senior Project Manager for Business Readiness at HMRC
  • Andrew Hutchinson, CDS Exports Migration Command Center Lead at HMRC
  • Mark Denney, Advisor at iCustoms and ex HMRC Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO)

Key topics to cover:

  • Latest updates and timelines for CDS migration and NCTS5 rollout
  • Understanding the Single Trade Window (STW) and its impact on UK trade
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will shape the future of UK customs
  • Navigating the ‘ecosystem of trust’ methodology
  • Emerging supply chain trends and technologies

Be ready to accelerate your understanding with:

  • Exclusive insights from HMRC and seasoned industry professionals.
  • Hands-on advice to handle forthcoming changes like a pro.
  • Dive into a live Q&A session designed to answer your questions.
  • Secure your place today and submit your questions ahead of time during registration for a truly personalised experience!

Event description

The government plans to create the most “effective border in the world” by the end of the following year as part of its 2025 UK Border Strategy.

With continuous improvements in the implementation of systems like the Customs Declaration Service (CDS), the National Computerised Transit System (NCTS), and the Single Trade Window, as well as the rapidly increasing usage of artificial intelligence (AI), technology plays a major part in achieving this goal. This free and extended 75-minute webinar from the Institute of Export & International Trade, in partnership with iCustoms and featuring speakers from HMRC, will look at these technological developments and give traders practical advice on how to prepare. It will cover:

  • Updates and timelines on the CDS migration and roll-out of NCTS5
  • What the new Single Trade Window could mean for UK trade
  • What role AI could play in the future of UK customs
  • An update on the ‘ecosystem of trust’ methodology
  • Latest supply chain trends and technologies

Running order

14:00-14:03: Will opens up the webinar, launches the first poll and gives housekeeping notes

14:03-14:14: The latest on the CDS migration – tbc, HMRC

14:14-14:25: NCTS5 – what is it, and when’s it coming in? – Lorna Taylor, HMRC

14:25-14:30: Poll and 2x plant questions to HMRC speakers

14:30-14:40: What else to look out for – incl. STW and EoT – Matt Vick, IOE&IT

14:40-14:50: The role of AI and ML in customs compliance – Mark Denney, iCustoms

14:50-14:53: Poll 3 and a plant question to iCustoms

14:53-15:10: Will chairs live Q&A featuring both plant and live questions

15:10: Will does the outro for the webinar

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