iCustoms Board Member Series - Adnan Zaheer

A Visionary Leader: Revolutionising Customs Solutions

With great pleasure, we present Adnan Zaheer, the CEO and founder of iCustoms, in our “Insights & Expertise” series. Adnan brings to the forefront of iCustoms a unique blend of industry knowledge, an entrepreneurial drive, and a passion for innovation.

Modernising Customs in an International Environment:

At iCustoms, Adnan is spearheading a ground-breaking project to update antiquated customs software and enhance the $22 trillion international trading environment. His commitment to creating practical and efficient solutions for the evolving customs environment is evident in this courageous attempt.

A Seasoned Businessperson with a Solid Track Record:

This initial experience sparked a desire to find businesses that will have a long-lasting impact. His career really took off when he started Seers Group, which he developed in under four years and is now the industry leader in consent and privacy management platforms. This remarkable achievement demonstrates his ability to recognise market needs, offer original solutions, and achieve quick development.

Building a Vision Worth Billions of Dollars

Adnan’s influence extends beyond iCustoms. He was one of the founding members of Smart Pension, an expanding company currently valued at $1 billion. This accomplishment shows how well he can recognise high-potential ventures and assist in their success.

A Well-Rounded and Diversely Experienced Leader:

Adnan comes from a background outside of the startup industry. Working with both SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and a Big 4 consulting company like PwC helped him refine his abilities. This diversified experience has given him a thorough awareness of the issues that organisations of all sizes confront, allowing him to design solutions with greater efficacy.

Adnan is an inspiring leader for iCustoms because of his innovative energy, track record of achievement, and entrepreneurial mindset. His knowledge and insight are invaluable as we transform the way customs solutions are provided in the future.

Stay tuned for further interesting conversations with the innovative visionaries shaping iCustoms!

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